SoCal Sewer Equipment Repair Center 

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We Repair 99% of All Sewer Cameras on The Market 

Our Services . . . . . 

       SoCal Sewer Equipment Repair Center, is a highly trained and experienced repair facility. We have been in the industry long enough to know how important it is to get your camera equipment repaired quickly and at a fair rate. Our facility has been designed to provide all customers with fast and affordable service. We diganose all models for free. Once the equipment has been diagnosed, you will receive a quote for repair charges. Turn around times will depend on brand and model. Most models can be turned around within 24-48 hours of payment. In some cases if you arrive at our facility at 7:00AM we can have your equipment back in hand by lunch. In this is industry time is money, and we want to keep you working !

Need to ship your camera   in for Repair ?

Unbeatable Prices & Highly Experienced Staff 

        Socal Sewer Equipment Repair Center is a complete Service & Repair Facility. We are an Authorized Warranty center for ProBuilt Tools, Inc. Sewer Inspection Cameras as well as a repair facility for most brands on the market. We take pride in being able to provide afforadable repairs, fast service and experienced technical support. 


What is an RMA?

     An RMA is a "Return Materials Authorization". If you need to ship your equipment to our facility for warranty or standard service you must fill out an electronic RMA. That signature needs to be on file prior to the box arriving at our facility. Your signature gives SoCal Sewer Equipment Repair Center permission to actually touch your product. The RMA form will also provide you with instructions on how to ship back the product properly without incurring any damage. The RMA is not sent prior to shipment arriving, the box will be refused. Please call the Service center if you have any questions. 949-595-0340.